Hello Canada, hello Germany, hello everyone, 

we are very happy to present you the wonderful wedding of Flo & Janet. We were very happy to be a part of it. 

So we hope you all enjoy looking a lot of pretty pictures and we hope you like them. We like them very much. 

The most we like, is the way, how Janet and Florian looked at each other all the time, because there was love 

in every Moment they share.

Love and hope to see you again some day

Eva & Andy 

How to order the pictures: 

You don´t need to order the pictures, because you can get all of them by Janet & Florian. 

If you still want to order, of course, you can do it. Send us a mail with the name of the gallery , the number of pictures

you like and we will send you a photo CD with this pictures and the prints. 


10  Photos on CD & as Print     =     20 Euro  

20 Photos on CD & as Print      =     30 Euro 

10 more …..                                 =     40 Euro

all Photos ( 975 ) on CD in color          =              85 Euro  ( no prints ) 

all Photos on CD in color and black & white    105 Euro. ( no prints ) 

Shipping Germany   =     8 Euro 

Shipping to Canada  =  I don´t know, I have to ask by the post office.  :-) 

Getting Ready 


Bride & Groom, Friends and Families 

 Cake, Sunset in the Rosegarden  & Celebration